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  • What kind of return on investment can I expect with DMB LED signage?
    With timely and engaging content, DMB LED signage can deliver a 10x or higher return on investment.
  • How affordable is DMB LED signage for small businesses?
    It starts at just $1.33 per day, making it accessible for various budgets.
  • How does DMB LED signage convert passersby into visitors?
    By attracting attention with bright and dynamic content, featuring urgent, attractive promotions, converting those who pass by into visitors.
  • Why is it crucial to have an outdoor digital sign?
    Outdoor digital signs capture the attention of potential customers who might not know your business exists.
  • How does DMB LED signage engage customers at critical moments?
    The signs engage customers right at your doorstep with timely and appealing content. More than any other time when the customer is remote, DMB signage with the right offer can compel people to come inside.
  • What impact does DMB LED signage have on foot traffic according to customer testimonials?
    Businesses have seen a significant increase in foot traffic, with many new customers mentioning the promotional signs. Studies have shown a 400% increase in foot traffic for signage in the DMB class.
  • How cost-effective is DMB LED signage compared to other advertising mediums?
    At $0.74 CPM, it's more cost-effective than TV, social media, print, radio, and YouTube.
  • What visibility features does DMB LED signage offer?
    The signs are visible up to 200 feet away and are 10x brighter than the brightest TV displays.
  • What is the potential increase in foot traffic with DMB LED signage?
    LED signage can increase foot traffic by 400%.
  • How can businesses deliver the right message at the right time with DMB LED signage?
    DMB signage allows for precision daypart scheduling content to maximize impact based on target audience.
  • What are the content capabilities of DMB LED signage?
    The signs support dynamic, animated content that can be updated in seconds. This includes videos and images, either from DMB’s vast content library or the user’s own library.
  • What type of content library does DMB offer?
    DMB provides a vast library of videos, gifs, images, and fonts for users.
  • Can I import my own media into the DMB signage system?
    Yes, users can add their own logos, images, videos, and text.
  • What scheduling options are available for displaying content on DMB signs?
    Content can be scheduled by month, day, week, or part of the day.
  • Does the signage have automatic power control?
    Yes, DMB signs can automatically power on and off according to business hours.
  • Who manufactures DMB LED signs?
    DMB is a product of ThinkSIGN, which has 25 years of industry experience. Visit ThinkSIGN here.
  • What support options does DMB offer?
    DMB provides an online and phone-based support team to assist with any questions or issues.
  • How do DMB signs stand out to customers, according to testimonials?
    Customers report that DMB signs are very noticeable and effective at attracting attention. See what customers say at
  • How does DMB signage help deliver offers when it matters most?
    The signage can present offers at critical moments when customers are most likely and most able to engage.
  • How flexible is the message display on DMB LED signs?
    The system allows for incredibly flexible messaging, which can be customized frequently.
  • What is the impact of DMB LED signs on new customer visits?
    Many new customers mention the promotional signs as a reason for their visit. They are attracted to in-store only promotions, citing a sense of urgency conveyed by the offer on the sign.
  • What cloud-based features does the DMB software offer?
    The software is cloud-based, accessible anywhere via computer or phone, allowing for easy design and scheduling of content.
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